Phytosanitary Reduction France




Phytosanitary Reduction France


In order to reduce and optimize the doses of phytosanitary products (Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides) we carry out the following technical advice:

Choice of phytosanitary products compatible with the HYDRO-AFE® system

We propose to spray the most effective phytosanitary products with the filtered, demineralised and pH-corrected water produced by our HYDRO-AFE stations.

Proposal to reduce doses

The dose reductions that we recommend with the HYDRO-AFE® system are determined according to the family and the chemical formulation of the molecules. Our dose reduction proposals take these parameters into account, based on scientific data.

Tips on the pH of the water to be regulated by the station

Depending on the technical data available on the stability and solubility of the products, we recommend a specific pH adjustment. Phytosanitary products therefore have their maximum stability and solubility at the recommended pH with the water produced by our HYDRO-AFE® stations.

Arbitration on mixtures of phytosanitary products

To avoid the risk that a treatment will not work, the phytosanitary products selected mixed in the sprayer must take into account the physico-chemical incompatibilities. We propose a suitable water pH. In the case of a mixture that is not compatible, we replace the product or products with more stable ones. These arbitrations concerning phytosanitary products are carried out in compliance with the criteria of authorized regulatory mixtures.

Choice of the volume of water to apply per hectare and nozzles on the sprayer ramps

The volume of spray water applied per hectare determines the concentration of active substances. The concentration rate is one of the important parameters in the efficacy of plant protection products. Depending on the type of sprayer, the hygrometric conditions and the type of crop, we determine the optimal volume of demineralised water, with a corrected pH. The choice of nozzle type depends on the volume of water chosen.

HYDRO-AFE® Water Compatible Adjuvant Tips

Adjuvants are generally added to the spray water, in order to increase the wetting, penetrating, weighting or fixing effects on the cultures. We intervene on the choice of the type of adjuvant, dose, pH of use and compatibility with the various pesticides mixed with water HYDRO-AFE in the sprayer.


After the installation and commissioning of the HYDRO-AFE® station a maintenance with the following services is carried out each year

Verification of the station and consumables

Replacement of wear parts

Full technical control of the station


Annual visit for the maintenance and the physical surveillance of the stations.

  • Maintenance of the physical filter and verification of residual turbidity.
  • Commissioning and verification of the operation of the demineralization.
  • Test of the 5 phases of regeneration of the pressurized demineralizer
  • Lubrication of the brine piston and adjustment of the electronic valve.
  • Checking the suction and release of water in the brine tank.
  • Control, adjustment and bleeding of the pH control pump.
  • Checking the calibration of the pH correction pump and pH calibration.
  • Adjustment of the pump head.
  • Replacement of the gaskets and wear cages of the injection valve and suction rods.
  • General verification of the tightness.
  • Station cleaning.